Oregon Developmentally Disabled Services

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What Is Oregon Developmentally Disabled Services?

Services to adults range from supports to assist an individual to live in their own home or with family or friends, to 24-hour comprehensive services, community activities as well as employment services.


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How We Help

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Attendant Care

Receive assistance with daily activities up to several hours per day by someone you and your family trust.

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Attendant Care Group (DSA)

Community activites like bowling, fishing, or other group outings.

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Attendant Care On The Job

Attendant care and health related support in an employment setting.

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Job Coaching 1:1

Up to 40 hours per week of one-on-one job coaching at your place of employment.

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Small Group Employment

Paid employment on a crew with a job coach.

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Employment Path Services

Employment Path includes exploring the businesses in the community and learning about the jobs that are at these businesses.

Our Services Can Help You On Your Journey

We’ll help you attain your goals, identify the and conquer the obstructions that hinder you reaching your dreams. By working with us, you’ll realize how to overcome barriers, build confidence in your talents and skills, and produce a path to attain your objectives.

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We work with the Oregon state Commission for the Blind Vocational Rehabilitation Program  to assist people that are legally blind to obtain and retain employment.  We also provide counseling on disability benefits and working.

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Services to assist you to live and work in your community.

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We work with the state Vocational Rehabilitation Program to assist people with disabilities to obtain and retain employment.

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SSA Ticket To Work

Receive Career Counseling, Job Search Strategies, counseling on disability benefits and work, and much more.

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The Helping Crew

Your all-in-one solution for cleaning, errands, pet care, and moving services; we’ve got you covered from sprucing up your space to giving your vehicle a sparkling makeover, so you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest stress-free!