Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services

What Is Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) helps individuals with disabilities get and keep a job that matches the job seekers skills, interests and abilities. Staff work in partnership with the community and businesses to develop employment opportunities and provide individualized services to each eligible person for their employment success. 

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How We Help

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Career Exploration

Exploring your interests, skills and the jobs in the community that match those.
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Community-Based Work Assessment

Identify skills and limitations by exploring jobs in the community by utilizing volunteer time with businesses.
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Direct Job Placement

Help with finding a job or applying to a jobs you’re interested in.

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Job Development

Help with Master Application, Resume, and applying for jobs. We assistance with finding the job that you want, including contacting employers and setting up interviews.

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Job Coaching

Once a position has been obtained, a job coach will help you learn the job to the standard of the business.  The job coach will stay with you until you feel comfortable with the job.
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Job Search Assistance

Helping you to navigate how to find a job, including contacting employers and setting up interviews.
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Long Term Supports

This is support on the job for people that need assistance with anything beyond the 90-day initial time period. This can be provided through ODDS or the Ticket-to-Work Program.

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Targeted Vocational Assessment

Once a path has been defined, a work experience situation will be set-up with a local business that has the desired job-type.  This will give you information to see if this is a job that you could do with proper training.

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Trial Work Experience

This includes working at different businesses in positions that interest you, to determine what will work for you.

Our Services Can Help You On Your Journey

We’ll help you attain your goals, identify the and conquer the obstructions that hinder you reaching your dreams. By working with us, you’ll realize how to overcome barriers, build confidence in your talents and skills, and produce a path to attain your objectives.

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We work with the Oregon state Commission for the Blind Vocational Rehabilitation Program  to assist people that are legally blind to obtain and retain employment.  We also provide counseling on disability benefits and working.

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Services to assist you to live and work in your community.

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We work with the state Vocational Rehabilitation Program to assist people with disabilities to obtain and retain employment.

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SSA Ticket To Work

Receive Career Counseling, Job Search Strategies, counseling on disability benefits and work, and much more.

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The Helping Crew

Your all-in-one solution for cleaning, errands, pet care, and moving services; we’ve got you covered from sprucing up your space to giving your vehicle a sparkling makeover, so you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest stress-free!